YEYKEY Floating Eyewear for Yachting Sport



YEYKEY Seawaterproof

12 Colors
all Lenses Category 3
mirror-shading grey and brown
with and without mirror-shading (model dependent)
floating in saltwater.

The YEYKEY Seawaterproof is a perfect allround-sport sunglass. Like all YEYKEY Sunnies they are 100% made of Polyamide. This collection is developed for Yachting Sports and because of its lightweight material the YEYKEY seawaterproof even showed great results as Ski- and Golf- sunglasses. The collection consists of 12 selected frame-colors in transparent green and blue tones inspired by the sea.

The lenses convince any sport athletes with an double anti-scratch, as well as a double water-repellent coating.





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